potter Kouki Ichiju

陶人 一重孔希

At the foot of Mt. Oguni in Shiokawa Town, Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture, there was a potter who called himself a “chawanya” and devoted his life to making pottery.
Kouki Ichiju, born in Shiokawa Town in 1948.
Studied under white porcelain artist Kouichi Takita in Aizu Hongo, and in 1976, opened “ Ichiju Pottery Studio” in Ofukasawa. He continued to create works in Shiokawa for nearly half a century.
With his outstanding skills, he is said to have been able to create anything that was requested.
In addition, many famous people visit Ichiju Pottery Studio.
They enjoyed music and drinks while admiring the trees and flowers in the beautiful garden that Mr. Kouki took care of.
Some people say that Kouki Ichiju is an commoner person, while others say that he is an innocent person.
Some people say that he was a representative of the unconventional, and others say that he did not know the truth until the end.
Kouki Ichiju shows various expressions.
Its diverse appeal produces a wide variety of works, and it is probably what attracts people and never lets go.
The works he left behind will never lose their nobility and beauty.
And in that work, we will be able to meet kouki Ichiju again.

©Satoshi Hashimoto


1948 福島県喜多方市塩川町に生まれる

1965 白磁作家 瀧田項一氏に師事

1969 国画展入選、日本民藝館展入選

1973 国画展新人賞受賞

1976 塩川町の雄国山麓に登り窯を築く

1979 初の個展を郡山市の民芸サトウで開催

1980 会津初の個展を会津若松市の

1993 「一重孔希・作陶の世界」

1995 「『パレッテ』の芸術家たち展」

1996 「一重孔希作陶展」

1996 「日本酒と酒器展

1999 「炎と遊ぶ 一重孔希展」

2002 「虚空に吼える ― 狛犬・獅子 

2006 「陶人 一重孔希展」(アルテマイスター)

2014 「一重孔希作陶展 平成の羅漢像」

2021 3月31日没

2021 「一重孔希展 いのちの炎」

2021 図録『いのちの炎』刊行

2021 「しおかわまち文化祭 令和3年度特別企画

2022 「白磁の系譜~会津本郷焼、一重孔希~」

2023 追悼集『無限の白』刊行

2023 「大徳寺聚光院喜多方別院と一重孔希の白磁」



白磁 white porcelain

ろくろ場 potter’s wheel

Ichiju Pottery Studio

In 1976, potter Kouki Ichiju(1948-2021) built a kiln at the current Ichiju Pottery Studio. Currently, the pottery studio and works are preserved and managed by the Kouki-kai.

一重陶房 Ichiju Pottery Studio


Flame of life(2021.4)Northernmuseum / 『いのちの炎』(2021.4)北方風土俱楽部

Door of flame(2021.11) Kouki-kai / 『炎の扉』(2021.11)有志

Endless white(2023.3)Kouki-kai / 『無限の白』(2023.3)孔希会